Gilles DOWEK

Gilles Dowek

I am a researcher at Inria at the LSV in the Deducteam team and professeur attaché at the ENS-Paris Saclay.

I am interested in the formalization of mathematics (type theory, set theory, etc.), in proof processing systems (proof-checking, automated theorem proving, etc.), in physics of computation, and in the safety of aerospace systems. Here is the list of my publications.

I contribute to the preparation of the Agrégation de mathématiques. I teach the course Foundations of proof systems at the MPRI. Here are its course notes Proofs in theories. Here are the videos of ten lectures of 1:30 each of the course the principles of programming languages I taught at École polytechnique.

Some of my course notes have been published, others are on line.

I am interested in education and I try to draw the attention of the adminstration to the need of introducing computer science in K-12. I am a member of the joint ITIC group of the Société Informatique de France and the organization Enseignement public & informatique. I have been a member of the Committee apointed by the Minister of Education to suggest a computer science curiculum for senior high school students, this has lead to the curiculum published in the Bulletin officiel on October 13th 2011. I have participated to the report of the Academy of Sciences L'enseignement de l'informatique - Il est urgent de ne plus attendre. I am a member of the Scientific board of La main à la pâte. I have participated to the creation of the blog of the Committee on European Computing Education.

I am a member of the Scientific board of the Societé informatique de France and of the CERNA, Commission de réflexion sur l'éthique de la recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique d'Allistene, l'Alliance des sciences et technologies du numérique. In the past, I have been Deputy Scientific Director of Inria in charge of the domain Algorithmic, Programming, Software and Architectures.

I also have been a consultant for the National Institute of Aerospace, a lab of the NASA Langley research center. Among other things, I have participated to the development and the proof of ACCoRD, an Airborne Coordinated Conflict Resolution and Detection system.

I write popular science, in particular I write a monthly column in Pour la Science.

Finally, I am interested in the philosophy of sciences.

new The slides of my talk at Insa Lyon L'informatique transforme le monde. Mais comment transforme-t-elle le métier d'ingénieur ?
new Les ordinateurs, rois de la mise en abyme
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new Models and termination of proof-reduction in the lambda-Pi-calculus modulo theory.
new Together with Y. Jiang, Complementation: a bridge between finite and infinite proofs
new Ali Assaf, Guillaume Burel, Raphaël Cauderlier, David Delahaye, Gilles Dowek, Catherine Dubois, Frédéric Gilbert, Pierre Halmagrand, Olivier Hermant, and Ronan Saillard, Expressing Theories in the lambda-Pi-Calculus Modulo Theory and in the Dedukti System.
new A second Galilean revolution? English translation of Une deuxième révolution galiléenne ?
new Rules and derivations in an elementary logic course.
new My talk On truth judgements in informatics at the session of History and Philosophy of Computing of the Congress on Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science.
new Happy birthday Luiz Carlos: Why is this a Proof?
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